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Cosgarne Hall provides  accommodation and support for homeless people in Cornwall.  We have 4 properties in St. Austell and house 60 people across them who have varying levels of support needs and issues which prevent them from being housed elsewhere, or which contributed to them becoming homeless in the first instance.

We house a variety of people and our aim is to provide tailored support in order to help people to eventually live independently. People stay with us for up to and sometimes over two years in order that they have the chance to really turn their lives around at a pace appropriate to them.

Cornwall has the highest number of rough sleepers in the UK, after Westminster in Central London. The fact that our 60 rooms are almost always full is proof that that there is a true need for Cosgarne to be in operation.

St. Austell is the largest conurbation in Cornwall, home to 23,000 people and is in a pocket of deep financial deprivation and unemployment.  These factors coupled with our knowledge of the area and close links with Police, probation and health services  mean we know there is a relatively high proportion of persons rough sleeping and sofa surfing in the area.

We will accept anyone from any part of the County, however we hold a waiting list and preference is given to local persons, including ex-offenders, people with drug and alcohol and other problems: our aim is not to turn away anyone who needs what we offer, if we can possibly help it.

Cosgarne Supported Accommodation is an experienced and well recognised leaders in the support requirements of homeless persons. The Support Team is based at Cosgarne Hall, helping  residents to address the causes of their past homelessness, lead an independent life and move on to a permanent new home when they are ready to do so.

Cosgarne Hall is an effectively managed facility for persons with chaotic lifestyles who are largely dependent on Alcohol. The staff engage positively with the local police and take seriously not only their responsibilities to their Clients, but the also neighbors and the local community as a whole.

Stuart Gibbons

Sector Police Inspector - St Austell

Cosgarne management and staff have consistently demonstrated an understanding of the work we do and their responses to our requests for assistance have been both prompt and realistic. Support staff have been effective in identifying potential individual difficulties.

Mark Bond

Probation Service

I am answerable only to myself I have freedom and liberty but I am responsible to myself, albeit with the support of Cosgarne. I have nothing but thanks and praise for the house and staff and for what it has done for me. They in turn deserve all the help and support they need and can get.

Ian McDonald

Former Resident, Cosgarne Counselor