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Alcohol & Substance Tolerance

Alcohol & Substance Tolerance


We are Drug and Alcohol tolerant because we don’t see addiction as a barrier to housing people.  Whilst not all of our residents suffer from substance addiction, we are committed to not discriminating against people who are in entrenched addiction and substance abuse, providing a roof over people’s heads regardless of their current state unless it would be detrimental for them to be in a tolerant environment.  We see addiction as more than a physical affliction or a choice and appreciate the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of it, often with its’ roots in people’s early years experiences.  For this reason we will not evict someone because of their drug use unless there is anti-social behaviour that accompanies it but we work closely with the Police, the Cornwall Drug and Alcohol Team (DAAT) and the local community to house people safely and ensure our unique tolerance policy is appropriate and timely.

We operate a harm-reduction attitude and require residents with substance issues to engage in counselling or with a specific drug worker, and to see the nurse for health-checks, working in partnership with other agencies delivering these services.  We also pioneered Naloxone, the anti-opiate overdose, being available in our accommodation so as to reduce the number of drug deaths and so far have prevented 16 heroin overdoses from being fatal and have influenced national statistics and impact research, hopefully making it more likely for other Supported Accommodation facilities to follow suit.  We realise that it can be difficult for some people to understand how a substance tolerant environment is possible but the fact is that many people consume alcohol in the privacy of their own home and it is not a problem.  With all the harm reduction in place, as long as people do not become anti-social as a result, we feel it is better for someone to have a roof over their head whilst they address their issues than to be using substances on the streets or in unsafe places.