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Harbour Animal Rescue Enterprise

Harbour Animal Rescue Enterprise

Support our small Farm Enterprise, where we take in battery hens, rescue animals who wouldn’t otherwise be wanted and welcome our residents and external volunteers to help care for them and maintain the farm from day-to-day.  It provides opportunities for learning, responsibility, work-experience and self-development in a safe, outdoor environment which also helps improve people’s mental health and self-esteem.   



Lenny was happily living with 6 female Llamas but after a while his services were no longer required and so we took him and now he keeps watch on the lambs and brings fun and joy to the farm.  He eats a special type of food that must not contain certain metals or minerals, please donate £3 per month or a one-off payment to help keep Lenny full and thriving.

We rescue and re-home animals and give them care and quality of life on our little smallholding where residents and volunteers are involved with animal care and maintenance.


When we rescued Lola we weren’t sure if she would survive, being much smaller and weaker than her sisters.  We hand-reared her with a bottle and she lived in someone’s house with a nappy until she was strong enough to be brought back to the field.  Now she is a strong and confident lamb, although still smaller than her siblings she is just as hungry! Please donate £3 per month or a one-off fee to help keep Lola and her sisters fed.


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